21 February 2013

5 Reasons Why Hotels Are Embracing Mobile Technology

The hotel mobile solutions company, GuestCentric, recently noticed an increasingly large number of hotels interested in their product. So they set out to examine why interest in mobile functionality is increasing. Here's what they found.

1. 19% of all hotel queries are mobile - According to a Google blog post dated 11 May 2011, "19% of hotel queries came from mobile devices." This information may be a bit dated, but with the rise in tablet and smart phone use, the percentage is sure to have increased. Says GuestCentric, "Since November 2010 we have noticed tremendous growth in mobile traffic."

2. Mobile traffic is growing exponentially - GuestCentric has shared some of their site statistics: mobile devices ... represent 3% to 8% of visitors, and traffic is growing; mobile visits in US hotels are close to 2:1. A reason for this exponential growth may be the prevalence of smartphones and flat rate data plans.

3. 3% of mobile visitors engage the hotel - In looking at their track record with various hotels, GuestCentric noticed that each of their hotel websites generated an immediate return on investment. 3% of all mobile visitors engaged with the hotel in some way, like placing a call or looking up directions to the hotel using Google Maps.

4. 1% of mobile visitors book their stay - Mobile booking is still relatively new, especially for independent hotels. However, GuestCentric notes that "1% of all mobile visitors actually booked a hotel reservation consistently across our customer base. Most hotels that deployed a hotel website solution got a reservation within the first few days of deployment. So, return for a mobile solution is instant."

5. Mobile can be done with one click - "With the introduction of GuestCentric's mobile solution, there is no extra effort involved. Your website content (texts, photos, video) is optimized for mobile delivery and mobile users can still experience your property's look and feel, your rooms, and the experience in a big, bold way. All it takes is clicking one button to publish your mobile website." This specific feature appears to be one of the better ones, since optimizing for mobile devices can be a costly and time-consuming process.

As we become more of a mobile society, the importance of meeting customers' needs is going to become more pressing. It's reassuring to know that companies like GuestCentric are there to provide all-in-one digital marketing packages that may save you time and give you a high ROI. 


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